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Who’s that Chick?

Now anyone that knows me is aware that I am a huge Emma Stone fan. No contest. She’s funny, she’s gorgeous and she is one hell of a ginger. Fashion wise I adore her. Everything I’ve seen makes her look so effortless on and off the red carpet. Most of the pictures I found of her were her working around  staple pieces like black pants, jeans, ballet flats and white shirt. While personally I feel it may be lacking a bit creative impulse because they outfits are so simple, I have to admit I love them.

She does love the simplicity when not working the red carpet, but you can’t deny this jacket is pretty bad ass. Plaids can be a very tricky thing to work with, I know myself as well as many others have done plaid on plaid, not the best look, but we’ve all been there. Because it’s such a loud item it needs to be toned down. She could have easily gone with a brightly coloured shoe but to me it would be to matchy matchy and loud for my liking.

Come on, really? She puts on the simplest outfit and just looks so chic.I would have added some sort of statement necklace to just give it some umph, but these are the kinds of outfits I constantly resort to because of simply put together they can be.

This is her dressing it down on the red carpet and this is one of my favourites. I find all the items she wears are just so effortless. This jacket is no exception. Green is gorgeous on her. It is again, very simple but the little details make up for the over all lack of (for lack of a better word) extravagant fashion sense. I find in young Hollywood the women are wearing so many designer pieces and trying to look all done up. The outfits Emma Stone wears don’t try to hard, much like what we see from her off the silver screen.

One of the moments I fell in love with Emma Stone. MTV Music Video Awards. I LOVE this bad ass rocker chick look, it’s so sultry and all she had to do was put on a dress. I found an extremely similar dress from H&M for only $60 and snagged it up ASAP. I wore it to my 20th and felt so empowered all night. Now be award there are not many occasions one can get away with a leather dress but I’m looking forward to seeing how to work it into my fall work wardrobe using some sort of cardi and ballet flats. I can understand that sounds crazy but what’s life without some risk?

It looks like unless she’s working with a gown she likes to keep it pretty low key with her outfit choices, which I have to admit I love about her. With Miss Stone what you see is what you get. It’s clear not only with her fashion choices but with her personality she is as down to earth as they come.

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The Littlest Things

Now that I’m in the last stretch of my education I’ve been flooded with assignments and responsibilities. With that said I’ve resorted to finding joy in the littlest things.

These Reese cupcakes were so good. So good. Yes this is product placement, but did I mention how good they were? The perfect little pick me up treat for my hectic week.

My man friend got these for me. Why you may ask? Because I made him a graduation card and got him Mini Eggs. The card was made online and printed at school and the Mini Eggs was reduced Easter candy at work. My thing cost less than $3 and by looking at this amazing arrangement, his cost a bit more.  This is the first time I’ve ever gotten flowers for no real reason from a guy I was seeing. Hell it was the first time a guy has ever gotten me flowers and while to him it was nothing it is the sweetest thing someone’s done for me in a long time.

The different textures of some of my new purchases. Obviously getting something new is exciting, but these aren’t designs and textures I normally have in my closet so I’m excited to start test driving these dresses and experimenting with how to wear the green laser cut skirt, (which looks very cute with a white blouse and grey blazer).

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The Sweater Song

Oh spring. It hasn’t really peeked through just yet and today’s weather was odd to say the least. It flip flopped between windy, rainy, hail, cold and a bit of sun.

Today I broke out one of my favourite spring/summer sweaters. I got this last year around this time from Boathouse. I’m pretty sure it is the comfiest throw on item I own. For the past two weeks my bottom half has been jeans and my cream coloured TOMS. I’m planning an awards night for my program and being stressed to the max I refuse to wear heels with all the running around I’ve been doing.

In this awkward in between season time I have the hardest time not resorting to just jeans, but it’s my staple piece. I figure I’m a few weeks away from going on the wonderful career job hunt I might as well enjoy it.

Keeping up the laid back vibe of this gorgeous boho sweater I left my hair au natural, braided myself a headband and I added a loose light purple RW&CO shirt. My Tiffany’s necklace I got from Christmas from my grandparents is an easy way to keep it pretty. I’m positive I could wear a paper bag and still feel like a queen in my Tiffany’s key.

I’m looking forward to being able to start wearing all my dresses but for now I’m perfectly happy in my blue jeans and a sweet top.

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Like the First of Spring

While spring has surprisingly been around for over two weeks here, today is officially the first day.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. The colours, the fabrics and the inspiration. Here are a few of the things inspiring me for the 2012 spring season.

TOMS recently launched a ballet flat line. I already have a cream coloured pair and they are so incredibly comfy and I can’t wait to invest in more.

The colours of spring are incredible. Most take the opportunity to punch up the colours in their wardrobes, and I know I’m  one of them, but I love how spring is the perfect time to wear soft fabrics and pastels.

Maxi dresses are one my fashion obsessions. they are easy breezy and beautiful. I have only a few but wearing them make me feel so trendy.

Dresses in general. I have two closets and one of them is full of dresses. I am a serious dress enthusiast. Despite my pasty white legs I love showin’ those babies off.  My go to staple outfit is always always always a dress and jean jacket. So easy and yet so good.

Spring is just a wonderful season and I am so excited to try out some new trends.

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Under the Sea

After being sick for almost three weeks straight it was time for a pick me up. Usually that results in me getting my hair cut or dyed but this time I needed something I could just do in bed while re watching episodes of 30 Rock and Community. I resorted to painting my nails.

Usually I do all the same colour and then just giving my ring finger some sparkles, but a co worker asked me to pick out some nail polish for her and she used both the copper and dark silver colours I picked. Feeling inspired by her unexpected, in my opinion, choice I decided to mimic the thought. These colours feel so fresh and the turquoise just feels so nautical to me.

Now shortly after giving myself this D.I.Y. mani I was flipping through the March issue of Glamour and it just so happens they did a spread on blue and aqua nail polish. I always feel nerdy and cool when I mimic some sort of trend and then find it in a magazine or online.

Colours by Essie:

Turquoise & Caicos

Trophy Wife

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Awards season is my favourite time of the year, not only because it falls around my birthday but as a woman obsessed with dresses I love seeing the red carpets.

The Oscars were no exception. While I had to work and miss the festivities and take part in the Oscars drinking game I did get to drool over the gowns the following morning.

Here are my top five favourites:


Kate Mara is adorable and there’s just something about blush light fabrics I’m loving this season. My favourite looks are ones that look effortless and her messy bun and the simplicity of the garment just make sense. While you can argue she should have worn jewelry I think the detail in the dress is more than enough.


Jessica Chastain is not only proving her acting chops but also that she can handle herself on the red carpet. This dress is pretty bold compared to what we usually see with it’s bright gold and harsh black, but it just works. The dress is an art piece and keeping her hair back was the right choice. A dress like this can’t be pulled off by many but her soft pale complexion and naturally striking features just compliment it all.


Funny girl Ellie Kemper was a show stopper in this dress. I’m really at a loss for words, she and I have very similar colouring and I want this dress. I would put up with the uncomfortably high heels, four hour ceremony, starving to eat, possibly restlessness of being stuck in a chair for that long to wear this dress. She looks like a movie star. The colours are very fall based but you cannot deny how glamorous she looks. Her bold bangs and earring are drawing just enough attention to her face while the dress is jewelry itself. Wowza girl. Wowza.


In my world Emma Stone needs no introduction. While I didn’t get to see the Oscars I did get to see her present an award; the girl crush continues. This girl knows her stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outfit on her I didn’t like. She could pull off a paper bag (How cute would she be as the Paper Bag Princess?). This dress is striking and simple. While I love her in blues and blush colours she can rock the colour red like it’s nobody’s business. The cut is perfect giving her legs that go for miles. It’s dramatic with the pretty large bow by her face but it was the perfect dress for this new It Girl to step out in the awards world. She never looks overdone and this looks like she just pulled it out of her closet, nodded and slipped it on. She’s that nice girl in high school who was perfect and as much as you wanted to hate her for it, you couldn’t really because she’s that cool.


Kristen Wiig disappointed me when she added a choker to her SAG Awards dress which to me, threw the whole look out the window, but Ms. Wiig has redeemed herself with this number.  Favourite look of the night by far. I adore light colours even though they wash out my pale complexion. Kristen Wiig has the perfect glow to complement the subtle colour in the dress and I’m a huge sucker for mixing girly and rocker style trends. Her nails kind of made it for me, she looks so sweet and innocent and the darkness on her fingertips just literally give it the ultimate finishing touch. Good work Ms. Wiig, looking forward to seeing more of you on the red carpet.

What were your favourite looks of the night?

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It’s the time of the season

For ginger locks. It seems celebrities are all coming over to the warm spicy side of hair colouring. Emma Stone switched from her natural hair colour of blonde, which she had while filming The Amazing Spiderman, back to ginger. Michelle Williams opted for a new warmer hue of strawberry blonde, and even Snooki has been rocking some red locks.

I have a very strong bond with red hues in my hair. As a pasty white girl with green eyes and freckles it just suits me. You know you’ve picked the right colour when people ask you if it’s natural. As a girl I think those are my favourite comments, “Your hair colour is gorgeous, is it natural? No? Could have fooled me.”

This year I am definitely going to try and maintain a light bright ginger tone like Mrs. Amy Pond (Karren Gillian). My hair is quite gingery, but of course for me it isn’t enough. I recently bought some extensions because my hair likes staying shoulder length and hair dressers refuse to let it just grow (not getting a haircut in non negotiable for me) and dyed them a shade very similar to this, and since my hair is fading they don’t match.

While I’m excited to have such a vibrant colour that matches my heritage, I think I’m more excited of the possibilities that come with longer hair. Buns, side ponytails, fishtail braids, heck any braid will do (they are my latest obsession). Here are some of the pictures that inspired me to take the leap and purchase someone else’s hair.

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What are you doing new years eve?

Oh the dreaded new years resolutions. we all make them. we all forget what they were a month or two later. so here’s my attempt at making some simple ideas and resolutions and giving them the good ‘ol college try.

Don’t be all talk.

When you like something about someone, compliment them, it really can make a world of difference.

It’s okay to get, but give a little bit more.

Stop and think: “is this gossip really necessary?” 

“Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want”

and when all else fails and you want to feel all shiny and bright, but put on your tiffany & co. key  necklace, because nothing is more classy and feminine than a damn tiffanys item.

Perhaps posting these somewhere in my room can help me to remember that little ideas like these could potentially make a huge impact on my year.

I’m dreaming of a fashionable Christmas

It’s so strange that I live in Canada and already it’s December 23 and we still haven’t seen snow that has lasted more than a few hours.

Now the past few years for Christmas I’ve been lucky enough to pick my own gifts, well in a way. I get taken out to shop and my mom decides which pieces she wants to give to me. This year I think I’m most excited for either my boyfriend blazer or my black sequin mini skirt.

While it is good idea that I’ve invested in both staple and fun pieces, I find I’m much more drawn to my bulky warm sweaters in the back of my closet. I find I’m always cold so these awkwardly over sized sweaters go great with a new movie in bed with some of my specialty hot chocolate.

Trying to stay warm can be a struggle, especially when the weather here is constantly on the fritz with little to no continuity, I feel I’m either going to buy too many mens sweaters or just dye my hair a ginger.

I’ve managed to give my forehead some warmth by getting bangs. Bangs can be cute, they can be flirty, they can be amazing…if you are Zooey Deschanel. I haven’t had bangs since I was in high school and I forgot how hard they can be to manage. I walk past a mirror and I’m either weirded out by how awkward I look or stop, wink to myself and do a slight tiger growl because of this little indie look I’m attempting to rock. 

Christmas is just days away and while I will be working for the man Christmas morning I’m lucky enough to make it for dinner, and I’m definitely in need of some good ‘ol quality family time.