Who’s that Chick?

Now anyone that knows me is aware that I am a huge Emma Stone fan. No contest. She’s funny, she’s gorgeous and she is one hell of a ginger. Fashion wise I adore her. Everything I’ve seen makes her look so effortless on and off the red carpet. Most of the pictures I found of her were her working around  staple pieces like black pants, jeans, ballet flats and white shirt. While personally I feel it may be lacking a bit creative impulse because they outfits are so simple, I have to admit I love them.

She does love the simplicity when not working the red carpet, but you can’t deny this jacket is pretty bad ass. Plaids can be a very tricky thing to work with, I know myself as well as many others have done plaid on plaid, not the best look, but we’ve all been there. Because it’s such a loud item it needs to be toned down. She could have easily gone with a brightly coloured shoe but to me it would be to matchy matchy and loud for my liking.

Come on, really? She puts on the simplest outfit and just looks so chic.I would have added some sort of statement necklace to just give it some umph, but these are the kinds of outfits I constantly resort to because of simply put together they can be.

This is her dressing it down on the red carpet and this is one of my favourites. I find all the items she wears are just so effortless. This jacket is no exception. Green is gorgeous on her. It is again, very simple but the little details make up for the over all lack of (for lack of a better word) extravagant fashion sense. I find in young Hollywood the women are wearing so many designer pieces and trying to look all done up. The outfits Emma Stone wears don’t try to hard, much like what we see from her off the silver screen.

One of the moments I fell in love with Emma Stone. MTV Music Video Awards. I LOVE this bad ass rocker chick look, it’s so sultry and all she had to do was put on a dress. I found an extremely similar dress from H&M for only $60 and snagged it up ASAP. I wore it to my 20th and felt so empowered all night. Now be award there are not many occasions one can get away with a leather dress but I’m looking forward to seeing how to work it into my fall work wardrobe using some sort of cardi and ballet flats. I can understand that sounds crazy but what’s life without some risk?

It looks like unless she’s working with a gown she likes to keep it pretty low key with her outfit choices, which I have to admit I love about her. With Miss Stone what you see is what you get. It’s clear not only with her fashion choices but with her personality she is as down to earth as they come.

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