The Littlest Things

Now that I’m in the last stretch of my education I’ve been flooded with assignments and responsibilities. With that said I’ve resorted to finding joy in the littlest things.

These Reese cupcakes were so good. So good. Yes this is product placement, but did I mention how good they were? The perfect little pick me up treat for my hectic week.

My man friend got these for me. Why you may ask? Because I made him a graduation card and got him Mini Eggs. The card was made online and printed at school and the Mini Eggs was reduced Easter candy at work. My thing cost less than $3 and by looking at this amazing arrangement, his cost a bit more.  This is the first time I’ve ever gotten flowers for no real reason from a guy I was seeing. Hell it was the first time a guy has ever gotten me flowers and while to him it was nothing it is the sweetest thing someone’s done for me in a long time.

The different textures of some of my new purchases. Obviously getting something new is exciting, but these aren’t designs and textures I normally have in my closet so I’m excited to start test driving these dresses and experimenting with how to wear the green laser cut skirt, (which looks very cute with a white blouse and grey blazer).

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