Monthly Archives: July 2012

Check Out My New Colab Blog

Shortly after I began this blog an idea sparked while reading one of my favourite magazine sites, most of the stuff they¬†advertised¬†as “good buys” were out of my budget, $100 for a dress is not steal in my world. One of my friends Jodynne has her own make up blog and she, much like myself, has just graduated post secondary and looking good on a budget is our only option. So she and I have been planning and planning to jump start “Dear Prudey.” Last month we launched and I’m so excited to post even more.

If you’re interested in seeing what we have to offer we post three times a week.

Mondays Jordynne blogs about make up

Wednesdays we do some sort of colab post

and Fridays are all mine and all about fashion.