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Sexy Silk


My March break has been hectic to say the least. I’ve spent almost everyday of my break either at school, working or both (I did manage to squeeze a date in my busy schedule but I’ll post that outfit sometime within the next week).

Something I don’t always love to do is my hair. It takes so much time to wave it, curl it, straighten it etc. This past summer I heard some women raving about this line in the store I work at and decided to try it. While it is expensive I fell in love with this product. Using one pump and putting it through towel dry hair my hair was not only silky smooth but soft and brought out my natural waves in the best way possible. Plus it lasts me months (I restocked only two months ago).

Last month I figured it was time to try the repair mask with all the damage I put on my hair styling and dying it. Once again I’m hooked. These products smell amazing and can easily be worked into my morning routine. With the mask I only use it once or twice a week (on the days I wash my hair) for about ten minutes.

They are expensive but sometimes it’s nice to do something that makes you feel good about yourself, and I know when my hair looks good, I’ve got confidence to spare.

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But all I got is a Photograph

I’m an unnaturally pasty person. This isn’t something I’m ashamed of, or try to hide, so finding the right make up line is hard, really hard. In school I’m required to do some television work, not cute hand held camera TV work, HD-cameras-that-costs-more-than-my-tuition-for-two-years work.

I’ve tested and tried a lot of products, but when it comes to what actually goes on my face, I try to avoid face make up. My skin is pretty clear naturally and I hate wearing anything that covers my freckles. I’ve tried MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, but who can afford that all the time. The most recent line I’ve tried was Covergirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation. Yes it was nice, and yes Taylor Swift is a gorgeous girl, but I don’t appreciate having to mix two different colours so I can kind of match my skin tone.

You will quickly learn that I have a major girl crush on the wonderful Emma Stone. So when I saw that she was a new spokesperson for Revlon I jumped at the chance to try the new Photoready line. It was like the Gods had planned it because face make up was buy one get one. I was able to get the foundation, primer, concealer AND sculpting blush for half the cost. One thing I will stress is DO NOT BUY BLIND. There were testers so I was able to see just how perfect the “vanilla” colour was for my pale complexion. It is Friday and I’m in love with this line. I feel like I can touch my face, it lasts all day and it, to me looks flawless, which makes me much more confident when stepping in front of the cameras. So I would definitely recommend it for those looking for a easy (even though it’s four different products) make up routine. Some days I use the line and just mascara and feel confident, which is what good ‘ol war paint is all about.

I’m going to try and not do a lot of make up reviews so check out Jordynnes make up blog for more


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Frankie Says Relax

Living in Canada it tends to get cold, really cold. One of the things I love, (besides my bed which contains too many sheets, comforters and pillows) is taking baths. It is the easiest thing anyone can do to relax.

Lush is one of my favourite places to go when I need a pick me up. It is my Tiffany’s. On my last visit soap was buy one get one so I picked up two bars of “A Ring of Roses.” I love the light rose scent it gives off, so to further compliment the rose scent I picked up “Rose Queen” bath bomb. The manager of lush gave me a sample of “Ros Argan” Body Conditioner, which is very similar to Olay “In Shower Body Lotion.” After a long workout I used all of  them and needless to say I want more bath bombs and I really want to get the body conditioner. It smells amazingly fresh, which surprises me because I usually don’t like scents like rose and lavender. I’ve found they smell too strong or too manufactured, but Lush uses all natural products and because they are so fresh almost everything has an expiry date.

While Lush bath bombs are absolutely amazing, you always have to clean the tub after. “Rose Queen” turned the water a light lilac colour and released tiny flower petals. I tried to take a picture of the water, but it came across looking dull and drab.

I think the rose scented products will be used very often this spring. Something about light smelling floral scents help put me in the mood and get over the fact that it is usually raining.

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